January 09, 2003

My First Blog Entry

Welcome to my first blog entry. I write this as I sit in the Barnes and Noble Pseudo-Cafe sipping my latte. Bookstores are nothing more than crack houses for smart people (I'm sure others have made this same observation). Today I added six books (alice in quantumland, entanglement, origin of minds, rational mysticism, the electric meme, and dr tatiana's sex advice to all creation) to my "I think I want to read these" list. I didn't actually buy them, mind you. No, I bought a completely different book: Lunar Lander. Mainly because I'm a sucker for memoirs from the Apollo program. And this was just today. Yesterday I bought four completely different books. Needless to say, my pile of books I haven't had time to read yet continues to grow at a fearsome rate.

For the rest of the afternoon I should be ripping off my brother's homepage for the basic layout of my homepage just to get something going. After that the plan is to write, write, write. Practice will make perfect, or at least make it less mind-numbingly boring.

Update: Spent the afternoon AND most of the evening trying to get my page laid out using nothing but Cascading Style Sheets. It's amazing how poorly Microsoft Internet Explorer does with CSS. You'd think that after, you know, like three or four major revisions of the browser they'd finally get it right. You'd think. Apparently not.

Today at the Laundromat I saw an ad for a female room mate. The listing said: No pets, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, no guns or bombs. I guess whoever posted the ad has had problems with women with guns and bombs before.

Posted by thom at January 9, 2003 12:31 PM
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