January 10, 2003

Triumph of the Low Bidder

Some days you wake up knowing exactly what you have to do that day and then proceed to be amazingly productive. Other days you wake up thinking about all you need to get done, then you spend a lot of time worrying about which you should do first, then you realize you're not getting anything done, and then you worry about that a while. I was having the latter sort of a day. Then something happens that you didn't expect and you have to deal with that first. I'm now having that sort of day now.

Why fix it right once when you can do a half-assed job over and over and over? A month or two ago my apartment's roof sprung a slow leak. I called the apartment manager and eventually someone came to take a look at it right around the time it became a not-so-slow leak a week or two later. They opened up the wall and saw water dripping from the apartment above. They couldn't tell where it was really coming from so they caulked the bathtub in the apartment above, the leak seemed to stop, it didn't happen again for another couple of days so it was fixed! Apparently not. I left the apartment for about an hour and a half today and come home to a not-so-slow drip coming down on top of my bookcase.

I call the apartment manager again and tell him the problem is back. Later he calls me back and says he's got someone to coming to look at it on Monday (it's Friday today). Happily I convinced him that because it is still dripping that this might need looking into before three days from now. So now all I can do is wait and hope the repair guy shows up today, and is being paid enough to motivate him to actually fix the problem right this time. As I wait, I figure out how much this has cost me in ruined books now. My first estimate is 5 or 6 completely ruined books plus another 4 to 5 semi-ruined books. Total cost to me (since I assume the apartment isn't going to reimburse me) I estimate to be about $200 to $250. But think of how much Woodmont Apartments saved by not spending a lot of time fixing the problem in the first place.

Posted by thom at January 10, 2003 04:06 PM
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