January 14, 2003

My next computer is a

My next computer is a Macintosh. AMD has come up with a great way to sell more CPU's: Sell your CPU's with cheap, low-quality fans that stop working after about a year and burn up the old CPU, thus forcing the customer to go out and buy a NEW AMD CPU TO REPLACE IT! Brilliant! With this kind of innovation the economy is really going to get rolling again soon. I'd show you pictures but, um, the camera is hooked to my CPU-less computer. You can see little burn marks where it exploded and everything! Apparently ASUS didn't pay AMD the needed fee to make the AMD part destroy the mother board at the same time so I hope all I have to do is get a new CPU. So, until I get a new CPU, you will be seeing very little of me online.... Posted by thom at January 14, 2003 04:52 PM
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