January 28, 2003

Naked and Insanitary!

We caught CalTrain into the city in the morning, hopped on Muni and got off on Van Ness. Walked for more than four blocks before we found a place to eat breakfast: Tops Dinner (1801 Market Street, est. 1939). I had waffles and scrambled eggs. Yum! Anyway, this guy who looked a little bit rock and roll walked in and sat down in the booth next to us. Not wanting to be overheard, I silently mouthed "Very Donnie Osmond." Sarah just looked confused and mouthed back "I can't read lips." So I wrote it down for her instead and passed her the note. She looks at it and says out loud, "I thought you said 'Very Naughty Husband' and couldn't figure out what you meant."

Later during lunch, we were talking about the naughty husband incident and that inspired this work of art. [Editor's note: the "Naked and Insanitary" line is a combination of jokes from "Thumb Wars" and "Living in Oblivion".]

The Other Conversation: I was told leaving the toilet seat up was punishable not by being run over three times, but four times.

There's a saying in advertising, "Skin sells." After looking at this webpage that should be changed to "Skin usually sells, but not in every case."

Posted by thom at January 28, 2003 11:13 PM
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