February 19, 2003


Well, Sarah is now in the care of Uncle Sam. I won't see her again for another 2 months (or maybe longer depending on what Uncle Sam has in store for me). She suggested I rent Super Troopers to cheer me up. It's not art, but it is very silly. I wish we could enjoy its silliness together.

In the meantime I am busying myself trying to spiff up my web site. Finally figured out why the sidebar to the right looked so wanky and I'm getting my resume in a presentable state. Graphically, it still needs more work and in every other way it needs even more work, but it's coming along.

Finally, my sister and niece are back in the US today too. Hopefully, I can get to see them sometime in the near future.

Posted by thom at February 19, 2003 02:55 PM
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