March 23, 2003

In Search of: A Dwarf with a Big Axe

Referrer logs say the following searches thought my (or Paul's) page was a relevant match:

  • "What is the funniest true thing about penguins?"
  • "Dwarf with extremely big axe"
  • The ever-popular "fine naked butts" (or "groups of naked butts" even)
  • "darth maul naked" (also "Darth Maul porn". LucasArts should make a note of pent-up consumer interests like these)
  • "ben affleck cries like a baby" (hit paul's page I think)
  • "girls are wierd" (No Comment)
  • "amd boobies" (CPUs have boobies?)
  • "soapdish AND bathtub AND fix" (I bet they were disappointed by my page)
  • "accordionman" (But does he have a sidekick?)
Posted by thom at March 23, 2003 08:45 AM
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