April 09, 2003

The Nerd Files

There is an interesting article about writing visicalc - the first spread sheet. Speaking of designing software...

How do you assign a value to software? I've been thinking about this and can't really think of a solution. How can you decide whether or not it's worth investing time and money into fixing a piece of software or tossing it out and writing something new from scratch if you can't answer this question? My experience is people sit around in a room, pull numbers out of their ass, communicate their vague impressions about the state of the software, then the boss pulls a number out of his ass and decides based on his number. I've heard Economics described as "the dismal science" but I think that fits the current state of software engineering too. Hopefully some wise software guru will find this blog entry through some search engine and tell me the answer.

Posted by thom at April 9, 2003 10:35 PM

Interesting by Association is the #1 result on google on seaches for nerd files. WTF entry does this comment show up on?

Posted by: MysteryNerd at November 16, 2003 12:30 AM
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