April 16, 2003

My brother-in-law, Todd, is in

My brother-in-law, Todd, is in town visiting (looking for employment). The first evening I discover my linux box has been trashed somehow so no internet access from home. No problem since Todd has wireless access through t-mobile which means we can sit in Starbuck's and surf the net. So, first thing in the morning we go to get coffee and nerd-out. We sit down only to find the signal is so weak as to be useless. We finish our coffee and head to another Starbuck's down the road. There we get absolutely no signal. Well, it's April 14th and electronic returns need to be filed so we head over to Buck's Restaurant in Woodside which is apparently famous for being a gathering place for VC's funding dot coms during the go-go days of the boom. They offer free wireless access as a service to attract VC's and nerds desperate to file tax returns. We sit down no more than 50 feet from the wireless node but get a uselessly weak signal again. When we left we found we got a great signal while standing in front of the restaurant so Todd checks his e-mail. He didn't attempt to file his return while standing there. Back home we fix things up enough that he can use my DSL and file his tax return. This whole wireless thing has a long way to go before it's useful.

This morning we're sitting around and get a phone call. Todd answers and within a few seconds I realize he's talking to his 2 year old daughter (my niece). I'm thinking my sister must have dialed the phone and given it to her. He talks to her for a few minutes before I start hearing him say "Are you still there Eileen? Did you wander away from the phone?" Eileen, at the tender age of 2, had apparently figured out the re-dial button (hereafter known as "the daddy button"). When she finally lost interest she wandered away from the phone leaving it off the hook.

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