June 07, 2003

Better Living Through Lawyers

There should be a reality TV show called I'm crazy and I'd like to prove it! Wait, it already exists but is called The Jerry Springer Show.

Software and Lawyers. When numerous Foundstone employees expressed their dissatisfaction with working conditions by quitting and defecting to a rival start-up, NTObjectives, lawyers were consulted. The Foundstone lawyers' solution: sue NTObjectives. A soon-to-be-former-employee at Foundstone was aghast. Foundstone management got the satisfaction of firing this ungrateful, whining, unperson employee. The former employee gets the satisfaction of being right. Foundstone finds itself accused of massive software piracy. While I'm sure the penalties probably run into the hundreds of millions and involves first-born children they should just be glad they weren't pirating music, otherwise they'd be facing some really expensive fines.

Posted by thom at June 7, 2003 08:26 PM
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