July 29, 2003

Is anyone reading this?

It seems to be a pretty common question on the web today. A quick search on google finds approximately 2,130 people asking the same question. I've only ever seen two comments and one e-mail from people I didn't know who somehow found my blog. A lot of blog writers say they wouldn't be writing if no one was reading what they wrote. I think they're lying. So for some of the curious 2,130 I offer the following feedback:

No, no, a plurality say no, definitely no, 100% certainly YES, um maybe, Oprah did, Volunteer Alligators read it, they should, they shouldn't, no, no, Magic 8 Ball says "Ask again later", I wouldn't exactly call it reading, only people on planet Yousloperad, just me, only fictitious people, no, no, no, and dude, no.

Finally, if someone replies then the answer is YES

Bonus Question: Is Kibo reading this?

Posted by thom at July 29, 2003 03:53 PM

You had me at PETUNIA!

Posted by: Myk at September 5, 2003 10:56 PM

I read it. I have no idea who kibo is. I don''t want to know. I wouldn''t read that if you blogged it. or, if you blogged it in the past, well, I guess the casualness of my reading is now revealed.

Posted by: ipaulo at September 5, 2003 10:58 PM

I am reading it

Posted by: stephie at September 22, 2003 07:49 AM
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