August 13, 2003

The Search for a Buxom CPU

"My CPU is okay, but it would be better with Boobies." Rummaging around my weblogs I discovered someone found my page as a result of a search for "AMD Boobies." Hours (okay, 2 minutes) of intensive research revealed a much more appropriate page for the query featuring this gem linking AMD Processors and Boobies:

Posted at 11:39 am on Aug 29th 2001 by Anonymous Gerbil

OK, here's a brainstorm (Listen up AMD ad executives)

We already have the great resource that is Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics.

Now take it a step further -- AMD hires Britney to appear on TV commercials explaining the MHz myth to the masses. We have the conflict between the public's short attention span vs. boobies. Boobies win every time. Problem solved, AMD sales skyrocket, and there is much rejoicing.

How much could it possibly cost? She already sells Pepsi. Alternately, if Anna Kournikove is done filming Lycos commercials, she would be an excellent fallback choice.

Can you imagine the headlines if AMD CPUs actually had boobies? Nerd burns hand feeling-up CPU. Sues AMD

Posted by thom at August 13, 2003 02:27 AM
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