August 15, 2003

Where's my Duct Tape?!

The power is out in New York! It's not a terrorist attack, but it could have been. If it had been a terrorist attack government officals would have been able to handle the situation. Of course, this demonstrates how vunerable we are to terrorists attacks. Make sure you're stocked up on batteries, plastic sheeting, and duct tape! Terrorist are probably plotting right now how to knock out our power! But don't panic, because this wasn't really a terrorist attack. But it could have been...

*sigh* Luckily the news services aren't talking much about how our deregulated power utilities aren't re-investing in maintaining our power grid. If they did the terrorists might realize they could just bribe the power companies to screw things up. Wait, scratch that. No need to bribe anyone - they're screwing it up just fine as is.

Posted by thom at August 15, 2003 10:23 AM
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