August 18, 2003

A Ballot of Fools

I've toyed with the idea of voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rob Lowe seems to like him. More importantly Warren Buffet seems to like him. What's not to like? He's a moderate Republican, right? Well, honestly I can't tell. Arnold doesn't like answering questions. He's got Pete Wilson running his campaign, who would be difficult to shoehorn into any definition of "moderate". He apparently hung out with Enron's Ken Lay but Arnold says he doesn't really recall anything about it. Ken is not a really popular guy in California - if he campaigned for Arnold here the crowds would most likely show up with torches and some rope. No, I'm really just beginning to think Mr Schwarzenegger isn't a great candidate. Plus, I have to keep looking up how to spell his name.

I think my only other option (aside from wasting my vote on a protest candidate) is to vote for the Lt. Governor. At least I can spell his name - good ol' Cruz Boostemante. Er, Bustimonti... um, Boostimon... Ah, hell, I'm going to bed.

Posted by thom at August 18, 2003 01:55 AM
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