September 13, 2003

The Elk Button

Today I went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with my brother-in-law and little niece, Eileen. Our time there was evenly divided between chasing my niece to the next diorama and back to the Elk Button. You press the button and you can hear the mating call of the elk. And if you visit the museum with my niece you will hear the lovelorn cry of the adult male elk over and over and over and over. She really, really likes hearing the elk. Today she showed how she can press the button with her finger. She can walk on the button. She can kneel on the button. She can stomp on the button. She can lie on the button. She can roll on the button. She can sit on the button. She can press the button with her head. She's done it all. I get the feeling when she turns 18 she is going to marry an elk.

Once we got done with that it was naptime. We didn't make it home in time so naptime actually happened in the car. Eileen, as her mother put it, doesn't handle state transitions like waking up well so her dad and me spent the next two hours talking about software while watching her nap in the car. After witnessing one of her two hour meltdown tantrums yesterday I've learned the wisdom of letting sleeping nieces lie.

Upon waking she decided she didn't want to get out of the car. Today, the path of least resistance lead directly to the Denver Children's Museum, a fun place with lots of fun little stuffed animals lying around everywhere. Eileen decided today's game was "I have them all" and proceeded to collect all the stuffed animals she could hold in her little arms and then some. All in all, a very good day.

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