September 13, 2003

The Neverending Bedtime Story

It took an hour to get the niece to sleep tonight. I can't even remember all the bedtime stories we read - they're all a blur now. It was so easy last night. Five minutes! Boom! She was out! Not tonight. At one point I hid in the other room out of sight. Eileen made a beeline for me. Dad tried to read her yet another story, but she took the book out of his hands and gave it to me to read instead. Then she did her best to read US a few stories. Then it was time to do another lap around the house. Then maybe another drink from the sippy cup. Then back to bed - no, wait, yet another lap would be better. Finally she put her pillow in front of me to rest my head on and ten minutes later she was off to dreamland. Tomorrow night we try the "Uncle T dissapears 30 minutes before bedtime" approach.

Posted by thom at September 13, 2003 10:34 PM

you are very cute ya know that?

Posted by: stephie at September 14, 2003 07:48 AM

having been there and done that i can only say....


there'll be many more moments before your trip is over!
where's the pics????

Posted by: mona at September 14, 2003 08:24 AM

I should also point out this was the only night that she really wanted me to read. Most of the time Daddy was the preferred Designated Story Teller.

Posted by: paulthom at October 11, 2003 02:14 AM
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