September 14, 2003

An Empirical Failure

Tonight last night's "Uncle T disappears 30 minutes before bedtime" theory lies in a smoking heap - laid to waste by a 2 year-old determined to stay up all night. I left at eight-thirty and walked to a bar around the corner to kill some time until I got a call saying it was safe to come home. After two hours I snuck back and stuck my head in the door only to hear the sound of daddy reading yet another bedtime story. Back to the bar. Three hours and five pints of beer later there was still no call. I had hoped I might meet some nice woman, but Sunday night doesn't seem to be a big singles' night in Denver — go figure. After three and a half hours I decided to return anyway. Eileen was finally asleep. Now I am sitting a few feet away from her writing this — very quietly.

Since I arrived I've now watched "Shrek" six times. At this rate I will have watched it 21 times by the time I leave. Wanna guess what my niece's favorite movie is these days?

UPDATE: Just as I finished this entry I heard a sleepy "I'm not happy" cry from my niece a few feet away. I stayed very quiet. No little footsteps in the dark coming closer to me. Whew! She didn't wake up! A few minutes later I went to check on her and in the dim light I saw she had buried herself under the covers - very unusual for her. So i got a little closer to make sure she was okay and realized she wasn't under the covers. She wasn't even in bed. Where is she?! I look around but don't see her. I look down and see she's asleep on the floor. I've come within inches of trodding upon her. I wonder if I should put her back in bed. Then I recall the lesson about letting sleeping nieces lie and decide she's just fine right where she is.

Son of UPDATE: Another unhappy sigh and then the tiny footsteps. Happily she just wanted a little help back into bed and went back to sleep in seconds. Whew! Time for Uncle T to go right to sleep now.

Posted by thom at September 14, 2003 11:46 PM

Let Sleeping Niece's lie. I'll remember. Excellent updates.

Posted by: Uncle P at September 17, 2003 03:49 PM
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