September 20, 2003

Choosing Words Wisely

I'm writing today's blog entry from 30,000 feet over, um, somewhere. Utah perhaps. Where are all the lines you see on maps showing state boundaries? It must be those state budget cuts I keep hearing about.

I managed to get myself seated in an emergency exit row and no one else is seated next to me so I am in tall person heaven. I was able to stretch out and get a little nap. I can't remember the last time I flew and didn't spend an hour or two seated in a full row with my arms in my lap and my shoulders hunched over so as to not keep elbowing the person next to me in the ribs. It's really weird. Comfort on a plane, what a concept.

The astute reader is probably wondering if I have a cute little story for today, some soulful insight into life, or at least a couple funny hyperlinks to click on. Nope, none of that today. Just some hastily chosen words expressing my dismay at not really being able to find anything to complain about on today's flight.

Update: After being told to put away my laptop computer and prepare for landing I heard something that bothered me. The pilot came on the intercom and assured everyone we'd "be on the ground in a few minutes." That sounds to me like they are trying to cover all the bases. If the wings suddenly fell off we'd surely be on the ground in a few minutes. Why not say we'll be "touching down" or "landing safely" in a few minutes? Maybe they're trying to prevent lawsuits...

Plaintiff: "Your Honor, right before the wings fell off the plane and it plummeted to the ground, exploding in a ball of flames, the pilot clearly said they would be landing momentarily. That is, er, um, FALSE ADVERTISING!"

Defense: "No, the pilot said they'd be 'on the ground in a few minutes' which is what happened."

Judge: "Case dismissed"

Posted by thom at September 20, 2003 02:58 PM
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