September 26, 2003

Argument Clinic

I caught the debates between candidates for California Governor. It was not the right room for an argument - it was just simple contradiction. Oh yeah, and abuse. And carefully rehearsed yet poorly delivered personal attacks. Here's my wrap-up of the fiasco:

Cruz Bustimonte, er, Boostemanti... um, What's-his-name: I saw his lips move but can't remember a word he said. I suspect some form of mind-control technique at work. Accused of being beholden to Indian Gaming Interests.

The Arnold: Refuses to take money from Indian Gaming Interests so they won't influence him. He will take money from other special interests (despite a promise not to) but because he doesn't call them "special interests" he insists he won't be influenced by them - or something like that. His vague, nonspecific answers demonstrated his bold, vague, and nonspecific leadership skills.

Arianna Huffington: She wins the "Most Off-Topic" Award hands down. She came across as shrill and generally irritating - and I like her.

The Other Republican: Generally made a very positive impression on me - um, aside from not having an easy to remember name. His only hope of winning is if The Arnold puts the party's and the state's interests before his own personal ambitions and drops out of the race. Ha ha ha! He's doomed!

The Green Candidate: Is, by far, the least kooky Green Party candidate I have seen to date. I might have other nice things to say about him, but since he doesn't stand a chance of winning it's not worth the effort.

The Porn Star: She wasn't actually invited to the debate as far as I know. Big Mistake.

As I watched the depressing spectacle my eyes glazed over. I really don't care who wins. Anyone with a chance of winning sucks. Anyone who doesn't suck doesn't stand a chance of winning. Californians are screwed. Our only hope is to immediately recall whoever gets elected on the grounds that they suck.

Posted by thom at September 26, 2003 01:17 AM
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