October 05, 2003

The Reverse Engineer

I saw School of Rock tonight. Two words: Fun Knee. Go see it. I also saw the trailer for the new Ben Affleck flick but, um, forgot the name of the movie. We were all too busy laughing when they said Affleck's character was a Reverse Engineer. We all kept expecting to see engineers doing the moonwalk.

In Other News: My new (used) laptop computer is now my new (used) broken laptop computer. It's pretty minor actually. The power cable developed a loose connection and I had been nursing it along by jiggling the cable. This morning I jiggled and noticed pretty little sparks. I didn't think the computer's insides would enjoy the sparks as much as I did so now my computer is off until I can get a replacement in a few days. I won't be picking up my e-mail until then.

Posted by thom at October 5, 2003 12:43 AM
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