October 18, 2003

"Connection Closed by Foreign Host"

This morning at 3:34am I finally got ssh working so I didn't have to remember a password that looked something like "y^bQ*3mBonkBONK" every time I logged into my web host or copied a file. Bolstered by this success I tinkered a little more to fix another problem. Big Mistake.

Somehow I was mistaken as some sort of "L33t H4X0r" and my IP was banned from logging into the secure shell server. I can add entries to my blog and stuff like that, I just can't copy files to it anymore. It should have let me back into the system after an hour or so, but now, nearly 20 hours later, I still can't. Anyone else can log into the server - just not me.

Unfortunately, my brother (who supports thompaul.org) also has the passwords needed to open a help ticket through the web host's (semi-)automated system, and he's in New York City at a wedding. Incommunicado. He gets back Monday, which means the problem won't get fixed before Tuesday or Wednesday. Thus I am an unusually grumpy nerd today.

Posted by thom at October 18, 2003 10:49 PM
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