October 26, 2003

Just because you're Paranoid doesn't mean it's not Art

Spotted on MetaFilter:

Mark Lombardi created art out of the stuff of conspiracy theories. Following the money trails, he was just completely fascinated by connections, how one thing led to another, how the C.I.A. would back a coup in Australia, someone would be murdered in Turkey and things would happen in Indonesia." Some of his work here and here, and more about his work here. His drawings satisfy because they address a human need for coherent order drawn from chaos. Such a need, however, is bound to be frustrated. Instead of blueprinting perfection, the works' aura of mastery arises in the context of a sprawling dystopia.

I haven't flown enough lately to develop Deep Vein Thrombosis but I still like this idea.

Posted by thom at October 26, 2003 10:27 PM
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