November 07, 2003

California Dreamin'

Last night I dreamed I went on a comical crime spree with a gang of my buddies. Nothing bad, mostly just vandalism, but all of it very funny. We end up in a generic drug store somewhere after having acquired quite an arsenal. The gang wandered around the store fighting and wisecracking - all in a very entertaining and funny manner. But right before things got ugly I got afraid that someone might get hurt so I ran out of the store and warned people not to go in. Then things went kind of fuzzy and time passed like it does in dreams and movies - one jump-cut and I find myself wandering around the store a few weeks later. I find my friends are now living in the store. Their beds are in the center of the store; they are living in store displays. I sit down and talk to the ringleader sitting on the bed with his girlfriend. "What happened? Why are you still here?" I ask. He is very quiet and I can tell something is wrong. "If only we hadn't been so entertaining..." he says softly. Then I notice a tiny camera on his nightstand. I realize this is their punishment: they have been sentenced to a Reality TV show.

I had another dream after the first where I am at some cyber-tribal techno-nerd gathering. I try to impress the others by talking about how the business card-sized recordable CDs are great for making back-ups. I look around and people have lost interest and are looking at their laptop computers again. "And the 3 inch ones are great too," I add hoping to regain their interest. The room goes quiet and all you can hear is the soft clack of laptop keyboards.

I'm trying to figure out what the dreams mean. I guess the moral of the first is you can get away with anything as long as you're entertaining. The second dream must mean I'm afraid of being boring and uninteresting.

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