November 15, 2003

An Odd Day

The Oddtodd production of A Day in the Life would be really, really funny if it weren't so damn accurate. The Helped Wanted and Annual Report episodes are great (and also disturbingly accurate) too. All his stuff is really funny. I can't wait for more episodes in the Laid Off series. His 'DAILY FACT I LEARNED FROM THE TV' feature includes gems like this:

I found out tonite that Girl Scouts in Alaska are going beyond selling cookies and learning how to stitch or whatever. The girl scouts in Alaska are learning how to trap, kill, and skin beavers. I guess they're earning badges when they snag one with a nice pelt or whatever. When girl scout Allison Becker was asked to comment she said, "The beavers have been bothering us for years. Building dams wherever they want and taking our wood. We feel it's important to teach them a lesson." Then she turned toward the woods and yelled, "You hear me, buckos?! It's time to pay the piper!" When Bobby Hembreicht, 10, Boy Scout from Pack #134 was asked to comment on the Girl Scout situation he said, "Big deal! Girls are gross and beavers are gross too! And smelly..."

I couldn't have said it any better, Bobby. Anyway, I guess it's almost time to take a 20 minute Power Nap. I'll post more after that.

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