November 17, 2003

Puppies and Homemade Jerky

The other day I noticed someone had found my page with a strange search. It hit an old entry in my blog with some movie recommendations. Today I mentioned it to a friend and did a search on "Slutty Clown Groupie" only to discover Interesting by Association has captured yet another coveted first position in the google search results. Go me! Unfortunately, I also discovered someone else has the number one spot for "Slutty Clown Groupies" (the plural form). A different friend has suggested I try for the #1 spot on searches for "puppies AND homemade jerky" next. All I can say is: My Quest is begun.

Posted by thom at November 17, 2003 11:32 AM | TrackBack

It turns out there is an offical Sock Puppet Homepage.

Posted by: paulthom at November 21, 2003 11:53 AM
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