November 21, 2003

Am I as Interesting as my Weblog?

I was looking at my log files and noticed someone found my page by searching on google for the word "interesting". My heart jumped! Had I snagged yet another top position on google? Um, no. I've gone through 11 pages of search results so far without finding a link to Interesting by Association (Ah! I'm on page 14!). I did however stumble across wannabegirl's webpage that poses the question: Are you as interesting as your weblog?

And the verdict is...

"You are just as interesting as your weblog!"

You have an interesting weblog and an equally interesting life. You don't need to exaggerate to make your stories sound exciting. They already are. You have a small circle of friends, both online and offline, and they all love having you around. You're an all around nice person and the best friend anyone could ever imagine having.

Given how NOT interesting even I sometimes find my blog I have a sneaking suspicion I've just been damned with faint praise. At least my friends love having me around.

UPDATE: My current blogger status is: Lowly Insect.

Posted by thom at November 21, 2003 11:02 AM | TrackBack

I took your silly little linked quiz and was told, much to my chagrin, that I am more interesting than my weblog.

This means one of two things:

1) I'm boring you all to pieces because lord knows my life is dull;

2) I lied on the quiz!

Posted by: Erin at November 22, 2003 05:58 AM

If you wanna feel REALLY uninteresting you should add yourself to the ecosystem and see where you "rank"... I think I'm somewhere around 3650, just after the National Auto Insurance Association's official blog.

Posted by: citizen lehew at November 24, 2003 11:40 PM
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