December 05, 2003

At Your Command, Baby!

My brother, Paul, really liked Battlestar Galactica [I would link to his entry about it but he doesn't believe in permalinks apparently. So I'll randomly link to this instead]. I did too since it was kinda like a new episode of Starwars every week (which was good since George Lucas has tried to stretch the series out over, well, my entire lifetime). He is also looking forward to the upcoming "re-imagining" of the series. I read this review tonight:

Creators of the Sci Fi Channel's forthcoming Battlestar Galactica miniseries promised that their "re-imagining" of the 1970s classic would be darker and grittier.

In Hollywood, that can only mean one thing: more sex.

"We realized the only way we could improve on the original is if the Cylons could have sex," quipped co-executive producer David Eick at Tuesday night's Los Angeles premiere. The chrome-domed "walking toasters" from the original TV series are succeeded by -- well, really hot blond chicks, who infiltrate human society to engineer its doom.

One of the newly humanized enemy androids, Number Six, is played by former Victoria's Secret model Tricia Helfer (so that's Victoria's big secret! -- we always knew there was a sinister purpose behind those ubiquitous catalogs). While in the throes of sex, her spine glows a luminescent, otherworldly, X-ray crimson.

I never found Cylons attractive in that way. If only I had known there were hot blonde aliens underneath all that chrome! [Maybe not - Ed.] I've already got the VCR programmed to record all the hot alien action.

UPDATE: Apparently the Starwars Universe is a hotbed of sexually active robots too.

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