December 12, 2003

State Of the State

I took a trip to the local branch of the library yesterday. I had my laptop computer with me so I could work with no distractions. I asked the librarian if there was a desk somewhere I could plug it in.

"Sorry, no. We don't allow that. Someone might trip over the cord and our insurance wouldn't cover it."

The library was built 29 years ago when I was 10 years old. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have a library nearby. I remember learning the Dewey Decimal system and browsing the stacks to see what interesting books I could find. But now, standing there with electron-less laptop in hand, I noticed something I had missed at first glance: The tables, the chairs, the shelves, the rug - everything save the computers that had replaced the card catalog - were as they had been 29 years ago.

Next time you go to the library look and see if there are desks where you can plug in your computer. If there are, then you live someplace with a better civic quality of life than California. Of course, if you lived here since 1978 then your property taxes are really cheap compared to, say, anyone who has bought a house here since 1978.

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