January 24, 2004

IBA Terms and Conditions

I, the operator of this webpage, am setting forth the following legal binding terms of usage for anyone leaving comments here:

  1. Leaving messages for non-commercial purposes is FREE.
  2. Anyone leaving a message advertising another website will be charged $150 PER POST.

By posting a message you acknowledge you are agreeing to these terms. Thank you for your time and your support

UPDATE: After a little whois research I've discovered that my new advertiser is one Mr Jay Kim of 24 Finchley Road, London. Had I had this policy in place when he spammed me this afternoon he would owe me over $30,000US. I'll re-enable comments once I modify them to make sure the interface presents the terms to anyone leaving a comment and forces them to either accept or reject them - in a very legally binding way.

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