January 26, 2004

Vaguely Interesting by Association

Now that the whole comment spam thing is taken care of iba can get back to normal. Returning to the roots of blogging: Just posting a bunch of lame links that are filling up your bookmarks menu.

  • I ran across 3 Bitchy Chicks when I was trying to solve my MT-Blacklist woes (Carlene was having similar woes). They quote one of my favorite despairisms: "The only consistent feature of all your dissatisfying relationships is you."
  • Voices from the Days of Slavery is pretty damn interesting. Interviews with Americans who were once slaves. Unfortunately it showcases the state of the art of audio recording in 1932. Worse yet, it has to be one of the most poorly designed webs sites I've seen recently. It's good enough for government work, I guess.
  • Gary Marcus has written an article on Making the Mind. Interesting if you're curious about your brain.
  • I loved the movie Fargo but I had never heard the sad story of Takako Konishi. After I read it I got mad about how her story was reported at the time.
  • Learn to use Movable Type.
  • I honestly don't recall how I found the Paris Hilton Video blog, but it includes a complete transcript of the infamous tape which is pretty funny.
  • Cheating has become so commonplace today that it has its own blog: The Cheating Blog.
  • My sister loved playing Monopoly with her little brothers. Mostly because she kicked our asses everytime. Now I have another reason to hate Parker Brothers.
  • Why Weak Links Matter.
  • Right now my entire love life is a Polite Fiction.
  • Yahoo! Research.
  • The smell of model glue brings back so many memories!
  • Time Cube brags that "Google has over 1,000,000 links to Time Cube site" and links to a Google result page with 2,720,000 "links". Sorry, Buddy. The Correct Answer is 180 links. Of course if using BIG FONTS makes you smart then this guy is a GENIUS!
  • If you like reading lots of articles on economics this this is your big day. These guys might be kooks, I'm not smart enough to tell the difference, but at least they are very productive kooks.
  • An Interesting Band.
  • I also stumbled across servlets.com while searching for info on the whole comment spam thing. I haven't really had a chance to look at it yet. Might be interesting, or it might be boring. Probably the latter.
  • I was searching for information about making iTunes do cool stuff with AppleScript and found Doug's AppleScripts. No, I didn't really expect you to find this the slightest bit iinteresting but now it doesn't live in my bookmarks menu anymore so I'm happy.
  • Similar story with this link but at least you can just listen to it. Of course, they talk about Macs and stuff so the entertainment potential might be somewhat limited. I was looking to fun applications for RSS feeds and mp3 files.
  • Common Content is an open catalog of redistributable content.
  • ReasonOnline has a Hit & Run blog-type thing going. I didn't have time to actually read it but a quick scan made me think the writing might be good so I threw it in my bookmarks. And, um, now it's here.
  • Glumbert is another one of those I haven't actually read it type deals. The pictures feature looks pretty funny though.
  • If you're looking for some Movable Type stylesheets then try here or, better yet, here.
  • For Mommies everywhere I now present, for no particular reason, The Mommy Blog.

Are you still reading this? Did you click all those links? There is going to be a quiz on them this friday...

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I found this cool RSS thingy on the digital medievalist's blog.


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