January 29, 2004

My Littlest Best Friend

Today's entry is about fond memories. I was visiting my friends Dave and Jerusa and their little son, Zach. I've been so lucky and privileged to watch Zach grow up over the years, although I don't get to visit as often as I'd like. As the perpetually single guy who loves kids and wants to start a family but hasn't found the right woman yet* I naturally tend to spend more time interacting with Zach than the adults when I do visit. As a result I've sort of become his favorite adult I think. Usually it's less than 2 minutes after I walk in the door before Zach is tugging at my pants leg or taking my hand and saying, "Tommy, come look at this!" Since I don't get much kid-time in my life I can never resist.

This visit I was trying to spend a little more time with Dave and Jerusa. Zach kept trying to get my attention by showing me his favorite toys or saying "Look what I can do!" before performing his newest trick. Each time with a little more urgency as he noticed I was paying more attention to his parents than to him. After about 10 minutes he was getting frustrated and was intent on disrupting the adults' conversation so I would give him my undivided attention. Dave told his son he could either behave or go play in his room.

"No!" was Zach's reply.

Dave is about the best dad I know and took Zach into the bedroom for a quiet talk. He spoke very quietly and I couldn't make it out from the other room but I'm sure he said something like, "Tommy is my friend and I want to talk to him without being interrupted." For Zach it was too much and from the other room I could hear him proclaim at the top of his lungs...

"No! Tommy is MY FRIEND!!!!"

It was one of those little moments when someone touches your heart when you least expected it. It doesn't happen a lot in this life - at least not for this chronically single guy. I want to start a family so much. I need moments like this everyday for the rest of my life.

*sigh* Maybe I should just go invade New Zealand instead...

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aww that is so unbelievably cute

Posted by: sugarcoma at February 8, 2004 12:33 AM
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