February 03, 2004

Dubious Safety Features

"Would you like to go fly some aerobatics sometime?" he asked.

"Sure, I've always wanted to try that," was my reply.

A week later we were standing on the tarmac performing the ground-check of the plane. Everything seemed firmly attached and we were ready to don our parachutes and climb into the cockpit. Once we were all strapped in he says, "I forgot to tell you but you can kick the windows out."

"Kick the windows out?"

"Yeah, it's a safety feature..."

"Kicking the windows out is a safety feature? Why would I want to kick out the window?"

"Oh, you'd only want to do it if things got really bad - like if the wing fell off or something."

"Ah, of course. I probably would feel like kicking the window out in that case."

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