February 12, 2004

Just Get Me Out of Here

I really should write something. Really. But my mind of late has assumed a mush-like state. Thoughts swirl around, crash into one another, and then stumble off in a daze to the dark corners of my mind. It's kind of like a Mental Demolition Derby. In computer science there is a condition known as thrashing which happens when you try to make the computer do too many different things at the same time. The poor little computer spends all its time switching between the tasks but doesn't actually spend any time on the tasks themselves. Seeing as I have neither a job nor a girlfriend it's sort of hard to imagine I'm that busy. Maybe it's more like an endless loop.

Since none of this is particularly interesting I will leave you with a little wisdom from Joe:

"I was thinking that everyone I loved I still love They are just below the horizonline in my mind's eye, just waiting for them to come up like the sun again. These are the people I pined for, longed for, cried over, would have done anything for. I think that the great challenge in life is to have an experience and not be bitter about it. Love is painful for everyone. To get the full high you've got to pay the full price. What is the full price? It's the devastation of its loss.

Allen Ginsberg once said - love doesn't die, it just get buried under fear and misunderstandings, and the accumulation of missed connections and failures to be brave. It gets buried under all that sludge. It's funny that if someone expresses love for us it means they owe us all kinds of things. From then on, once the word love has come up, the other person is on trial."

I hope the Jury finds everyone innocent of all charges.

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