February 20, 2004

New Manufacturing Jobs!

I was looking at the want ad section of the paper yesterday and only saw one job listing for computer engineers. Happily I woke up today to discover that the Bush administration is considdering a bold move to create literally millions of new manufacturing jobs:

Is cooking a hamburger patty and inserting the meat, lettuce and ketchup inside a bun a manufacturing job, like assembling automobiles?

That question is posed in the new Economic Report of the President, a thick annual compendium of observations and statistics on the health of the United States economy.

The latest edition, sent to Congress last week, questions whether fast-food restaurants should continue to be counted as part of the service sector or should be reclassified as manufacturers. No answers were offered.

In a speech to Washington economists Tuesday, N. Gregory Mankiw, chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, said that properly classifying such workers was "an important consideration" in setting economic policy.

Two weeks ago the blogger formerly known as Emma posted this as a joke. I guess Tom Tomorrow was right when he observed that the Bush administration had rendered satire obsolete.

(spotted on Eschaton.)

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