March 10, 2004

The Days of Horkage

The changeover to a new web hosting service seems to be complete. If you've sent mail to in the past 48 hours or so, well, it might have kinda disappeared. While I was (attempting to) reconfigure the mail application with the new server information I discovered that you can add to the list of servers but there is absolutely no way to delete ones you don't need (or in this case, created by mistake). It is a stupid flaw in an otherwise excelent application. Fortunately I discovered the solution. It's kind of like discovering you turn the ignition key to start your new car but have to open the hood and rip out your spark plug cables to stop it — it works but is a dumb way to design a car. Or a computer application.

Both the and the domains will now bring you to the same page (i.e. this one). The pair of domains started as a joke because my mom always addresses me "Paul, I mean Thom" and my brother, Paul, "Thom, I mean Paul...". We figured this way she'd always be able to find our webpages. We were going to get dot com domains but by the time we tried to register them some guy already took one. Drats.

Final nerd trivia: the old permalinks are hopelessly munged so I need to fix all the old ones. But now I know how to avoid horking them ever again. The secret is to run MySQL to store the blog data and export the SQL data. Do not use the Movable Type export/import feature since it pretty much guarantees severe link horkage.

Posted by thom at March 10, 2004 01:27 AM
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