March 28, 2004

Mystery Post

I was looking through my weblogs and found I was linked to from a site I didn't recognize. I clicked and discovered it was a trackback from a post I had made here. In it I said:

People who search on Google for any of the above terms is an idiot. Stop being a cheap bastard and pay full retail for your viagra - BE A MAN! For an explaination of this post please click me....

The problem is I can't find it here anymore. I remember posting it but now I wonder if it somehow got lost. Perhaps I just deleted it.

I was also looking at what searches brought people to iba. The first most popular search was for Andy Milonakis. The second were searches for "interesting wallpaper". I also got hits from searches for the following terms:

  • "cannibal abattoir"
  • "proof that monkeys can run a radio station"
  • "ben affleck's address"
  • "terrorists and pork"
  • "marry a monkey late in life"
  • "my spoon's too big"
  • "hotheaded ice borers"
  • "attack bunnies"
  • "dehumanizing job"
  • "interoffice dating statistics"
  • "how to get over a narcissist" (my advice: concentrate on yourself)
  • "mysterious sock"
  • "buy trained monkeys" (Buy? Heck, we're giving them away!)
  • "how to make penguins" (First you find a boy penguin, then you find a girl penguin...)
  • "columbus ohio full frontal nudity" (Is there something going on in Columbus I should know about?)
  • "common questions to ask a magic 8 ball"
  • "what is interesting?" (Certainly not my page.)
  • "abnormal sex positions"
  • "you gotta see this" (See previous item.)
  • "words that start with the letter f" (Um, "flugelhorn"?)

My stats page also told me that 76% of visitors to iba spend less than 30 seconds looking at my page. I feel like a blipvert. I hope no one has exploded.

Posted by thom at March 28, 2004 12:16 PM
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