September 26, 2004


Mark your calendars, girls!

On Sunday, October 17, the Daily News will publish a special feature showcasing a new line of women’s designer clothing created by internationally known celebrity, model and actor Fabio. Under the distinctive label “Fabio,” this colorful new line of coats, sweaters and jackets will be introduced and carried exclusively at Sam’s Club beginning in October.

To celebrate Fabio is having a contest!!! Fabio is "looking for 3-5 females ranging in age from approximately 17 to 45 to model Fabio’s fashions" so I guess I am disqualified. Winners will get to have lunch with Fabio. I advise all potential Special Ladies out there to hold out for dinner and a movie, at the very least.

Posted by thom at September 26, 2004 12:33 AM
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