January 31, 2003

So, if you own a

So, if you own a palm pilot PDA then this online book site might be interesting. Too bad they only have those old, classic-type books (mostly). If you want a new book then check out "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom", you can download it for free. I still need to buy the dead tree edition to support this kind of innovation.

I know this story is kind old, but this sort of craziness always bugs me. Then I find stories like this one about the inventor of pop-up windows and feel much better. Apparently BMW owners have to have a good sense of humor. Here it is: Proof that the good old days weren't.

And finally, spotted this item on CNN.

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January 30, 2003

Sarah: You're an ass. Thom:

Sarah: You're an ass.

Thom: Yes, I am but I'm yours.

[She just gives me a nasty look]

Thom:I'm your ass.

Sarah:I guess I have a huge ass. You know what's really sad?


Sarah:You're pretty hairy too.

Thom:I'm your huge, hairy ass?

Other quotes from the day:
  • "Are you looking at that man's chest again?"
  • "I have brain issues"
  • "Eat my brains and I'll be as smart as you."
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While walking around the city

While walking around the city the other day a woman walked up to us and gave Sarah a sticker for "being the smart one." Then she gave me a sticker for, um, not being the smart one.
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"What's with your hair this

"What's with your hair this morning?"

"What's wrong with it?"

"It looks funny. Um, I mean it looks good..."

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January 28, 2003

Naked and Insanitary!

We caught CalTrain into the city in the morning, hopped on Muni and got off on Van Ness. Walked for more than four blocks before we found a place to eat breakfast: Tops Dinner (1801 Market Street, est. 1939). I had waffles and scrambled eggs. Yum! Anyway, this guy who looked a little bit rock and roll walked in and sat down in the booth next to us. Not wanting to be overheard, I silently mouthed "Very Donnie Osmond." Sarah just looked confused and mouthed back "I can't read lips." So I wrote it down for her instead and passed her the note. She looks at it and says out loud, "I thought you said 'Very Naughty Husband' and couldn't figure out what you meant."

Later during lunch, we were talking about the naughty husband incident and that inspired this work of art. [Editor's note: the "Naked and Insanitary" line is a combination of jokes from "Thumb Wars" and "Living in Oblivion".]

The Other Conversation: I was told leaving the toilet seat up was punishable not by being run over three times, but four times.

There's a saying in advertising, "Skin sells." After looking at this webpage that should be changed to "Skin usually sells, but not in every case."

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January 26, 2003

Hooray for the YATTA Bowl!

Hooray for the YATTA Bowl! The TV keeps saying "You are now enjoying Super Sunday" like it's a command instead of an observation. I've spent most of my day trying to avoid the twelve hours of Super Bowl pre-game hype. Celine Dion will sing God Bless America. She's canadian, for God's sake!

Went to the San Francisco Zoo Friday with Sarah to check out the amazing circle-swimming penguins. Sure enough, they swim in circles. The zoo keepers posted an explanation saying that it is simply the penguins' "migration instinct" kicking in and that they should stop in February.

Sarah looked at them and said, "nuh uh, I've seen that before. It looks like military training." She was right before about the deadly jellyfish so I'm not ready to dismiss this yet. I'm waiting for February. I'll be on the lookout for commando penguins conducting operations in the San Francisco Zoo about then.

It all started long ago with "All Your Base Are Belong To Us". Then I found this parody of a japanese music video I had never seen (complete with a cool t-shirt I've decided I must have). The web is a strange place. I love it.

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January 21, 2003

seen on slashdot: "It seems

seen on slashdot: "It seems that Finnish equivalents of American RIAA, Teosto, which represents songwriters and publishers, and Gramex, which represents music producers and artists, want to force Finnish day nurseries to pay royalties every time nursery staff sings along with kids. Previously Teosto enforced a law that taxi drivers have to pay royalties if they play music while a customer is in the backseat."
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January 17, 2003

How to Make Friends and Influence Penguins

Weird goings on at the zoo. This story keeps popping up in the local news. Sometimes I feel like I'm just swimming in circles too.

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January 16, 2003

Allergic to Stupid People Sometimes

Allergic to Stupid People Sometimes you just hear something so dumb, you just can't contain yourself anymore -- like this guy.

Sex and Math: Being a nerd, I have to link to this fun little thing

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My first computer an Apple

My first computer an Apple ][+ had zero fans. My current computer, a AMD-based machine has, um, I think eight -- maybe more. While fixing the problems caused by the CPU fan going belly up I discovered the fan that cools some really hot chip on my motherboard is making all sorts of I'm-about-to-die-too noises and I decided should pre-emptively replace it. Off to Fry's Electronics...

Update: The first pictures are in! Check out the burn marks! There was slight damage on the other side too.

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January 15, 2003

Forever minus a day

The Supreme Court has upheld the Sonny Bono Law. See it on slashdot.org. I'm off to buy a new CPU. I like to think of it as an "upgrade." I'll call AMD later and see if they'll replace the exploded CPU.

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January 14, 2003

My next computer is a

My next computer is a Macintosh. AMD has come up with a great way to sell more CPU's: Sell your CPU's with cheap, low-quality fans that stop working after about a year and burn up the old CPU, thus forcing the customer to go out and buy a NEW AMD CPU TO REPLACE IT! Brilliant! With this kind of innovation the economy is really going to get rolling again soon. I'd show you pictures but, um, the camera is hooked to my CPU-less computer. You can see little burn marks where it exploded and everything! Apparently ASUS didn't pay AMD the needed fee to make the AMD part destroy the mother board at the same time so I hope all I have to do is get a new CPU. So, until I get a new CPU, you will be seeing very little of me online....
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Great! What does it mean?

One of my all-time favorite movies is finally becoming available on DVD.

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Why I like free software

Why I like free software best: I just tried to uninstall Pinnacle Express (it sucks, by the way) from my hard drive. The first thing it asks for is my serial number. It refuses to uninstall without it. I guess you wouldn't want to do any unauthorized uninstalls. I am very unimpressed. Great going, guys. Turn disappointed customers into customers that despise your incompetent crap.
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January 13, 2003

Ottawa: The Other Big O.

Ottawa: The Other Big O. In my previous entry when I linked to www.writersblock.ca I didn't realize they had a story on Canadian erotica. Funny, I always thought that was hockey...
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Due to budget cutbacks I

Due to budget cutbacks I had to lay-off my muse. Can't think of anything interesting to say today. I tried to write through my writer's block but have decided it's hopeless. Plus I've been typing a lot the past week (as incredible as that seems) and now my left hand is starting to hurt like I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome so I've decided to take a break for a little while. In the meantime, I give you my todo list for the website...

The Official ThomPaul.org todo list:
  • Organize PDA archive better.
  • Start PDA Project Blog.
  • Get thom@thompaul.org e-mail address set up and switch over to it as my official e-mail instead of dumb hotmail.
  • Add Discussion boards for blog entries so people can complain endlessly.
  • Figure out ISP's access-log format so I can a) add hit counters, and b) automatically add links back to people who link to my page.
  • Investigate this whole trademark thing.
I figure that's enough to keep me busy for a while...
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January 12, 2003

I've decided to make it

I've decided to make it a bit clearer when I'm just quoting someone and didn't actually think up what was said. An example is below.

This is a test. This is only a test

Had this contained any actual information your head would have exploded.

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Lottery UPDATE! Last night I

Lottery UPDATE! Last night I guessed two out of six numbers correctly. That means I won, um, $0US. On the bright side, my getting better at guessing numbers theory is working. No one else won last night so next Wednesday's drawing should be worth [Dr. Evil voice] a MILLION dollars (well, over $30,000,000 actually). Next update: Wednesday night!

I'm a nerd, shoot me now. I also now have the book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (MIT Press, 1984; ISBN 0-262-01077-1) on my PDA! It's an excellent computer science text used in introductory courses at MIT. The language used in the book is Scheme, a variant of Lisp. Like I said, I'm a nerd.
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There's nothing better than hacking

There's nothing better than hacking HTML in the morning Well, I finally got around to fleshing out my PDA Archive. These are articles that I like having sitting around on my PDA because they are informative, humorous or otherwise interesting. The HTML is still wonky and I'll be doing some clean-up over the next few days but if you ever wanted to snoop into what's in my pocket this is your big chance.
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January 11, 2003

Follow your dream, but not

Follow your dream, but not too closely because if it stops really quickly you might run into it. Since I started my blog sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling like I want to race down and see what new things got posted in the night. Of course, I fully realize nothing shows up unless I put it here but still I get that christmas morning feeling sometime. Unfortunately, Santa didn't leave any toys in my blog during the night, not even a lump of coal, but I did find a copy of Novell NetWare in my sock this morning.
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January 10, 2003

Cleaning up after the flood

Cleaning up after the flood I found an an old horoscope from August 1993 I liked so much I kept it around all these years:
If you know anything about physics, you'll understand why the wonderful thing you've been longing for has already been changed by your pursuit. It's no longer the thing it was when you first felt your desire for it. Now, in order to make it yours, you'll have to modify your ideas about what it is. Fortunately, you're in the right mood at the right time to do this successfully.
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Thom: People here to fix

Thom: People here to fix leak. I might have to go suddenly...
sally: Tell 'em "Hi" and make sure they use their whole asses
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Triumph of the Low Bidder

Some days you wake up knowing exactly what you have to do that day and then proceed to be amazingly productive. Other days you wake up thinking about all you need to get done, then you spend a lot of time worrying about which you should do first, then you realize you're not getting anything done, and then you worry about that a while. I was having the latter sort of a day. Then something happens that you didn't expect and you have to deal with that first. I'm now having that sort of day now.

Why fix it right once when you can do a half-assed job over and over and over? A month or two ago my apartment's roof sprung a slow leak. I called the apartment manager and eventually someone came to take a look at it right around the time it became a not-so-slow leak a week or two later. They opened up the wall and saw water dripping from the apartment above. They couldn't tell where it was really coming from so they caulked the bathtub in the apartment above, the leak seemed to stop, it didn't happen again for another couple of days so it was fixed! Apparently not. I left the apartment for about an hour and a half today and come home to a not-so-slow drip coming down on top of my bookcase.

I call the apartment manager again and tell him the problem is back. Later he calls me back and says he's got someone to coming to look at it on Monday (it's Friday today). Happily I convinced him that because it is still dripping that this might need looking into before three days from now. So now all I can do is wait and hope the repair guy shows up today, and is being paid enough to motivate him to actually fix the problem right this time. As I wait, I figure out how much this has cost me in ruined books now. My first estimate is 5 or 6 completely ruined books plus another 4 to 5 semi-ruined books. Total cost to me (since I assume the apartment isn't going to reimburse me) I estimate to be about $200 to $250. But think of how much Woodmont Apartments saved by not spending a lot of time fixing the problem in the first place.

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January 09, 2003

I won $1US in the

I won $1US in the California State Lottery today. Yes I, along with 204,527 other people, correctly guessed the MEGA number: 14. That's only one out of six numbers, but it also means I'm getting better at guessing numbers! Soon I'll guess two numbers, then three. Once I get good enough at it the world is my oyster! I am also working to make my homepage PDA friendly. Not having a lot of luck there. Maybe I should buy another lottery ticket...
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True confessions of the sweetest,

True confessions of the sweetest, funniest girl I know:
When I was a kid, my sister and I would take chalk out to the driveway and we'd make chalk outlines of each other, you know, like the police make. Only we'd trace everything but the arm and then trace it somewhere else. We'd also trace donuts and tell our folks someone had murdered a cop. We'd leave the heads off. It was horrible...
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My First Blog Entry

Welcome to my first blog entry. I write this as I sit in the Barnes and Noble Pseudo-Cafe sipping my latte. Bookstores are nothing more than crack houses for smart people (I'm sure others have made this same observation). Today I added six books (alice in quantumland, entanglement, origin of minds, rational mysticism, the electric meme, and dr tatiana's sex advice to all creation) to my "I think I want to read these" list. I didn't actually buy them, mind you. No, I bought a completely different book: Lunar Lander. Mainly because I'm a sucker for memoirs from the Apollo program. And this was just today. Yesterday I bought four completely different books. Needless to say, my pile of books I haven't had time to read yet continues to grow at a fearsome rate.

For the rest of the afternoon I should be ripping off my brother's homepage for the basic layout of my homepage just to get something going. After that the plan is to write, write, write. Practice will make perfect, or at least make it less mind-numbingly boring.

Update: Spent the afternoon AND most of the evening trying to get my page laid out using nothing but Cascading Style Sheets. It's amazing how poorly Microsoft Internet Explorer does with CSS. You'd think that after, you know, like three or four major revisions of the browser they'd finally get it right. You'd think. Apparently not.

Today at the Laundromat I saw an ad for a female room mate. The listing said: No pets, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, no guns or bombs. I guess whoever posted the ad has had problems with women with guns and bombs before.

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