June 15, 2004

Son of Deep Thoughts

Have you ever wondered who first realized feeding peanut butter to a dog was funny? Did they think of it themselves or did their dog just get into their stash of newfangled peanut butter? Discuss amongst yourselves...

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June 11, 2004

Deep Thoughts

A moustache is like an eyebrow for your mouth.

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June 09, 2004

Suddenly I am Very Thirsty

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June 08, 2004

Bitstreams and Waveforms

A while back I stumbled across an all-girl synth band called Au Revoir Simone. Yes, the cliches explode in your mind when you read the phrase "all-girl synth band" — I know I'm still wiping off little bits of cliche mush off the inside of my skull. Yet they have something, a dorky innocence perhaps, that appeals to me. The Pony Song is my favorite.

Scott Andrew and the Walkingbirds is described as "apparently some kind of lo-fi, DIY urban acoustic pop and weirdo country thing". I'm still checking out their stuff but it sounds pretty good so far. Plus it's, you know, free...

Mario Systems covers tunes from videogames. Surprisingly (or not) it is pretty interesting. My Faves are The Guardian Legend: "Corridor 1" and Metroid: "Kraid's Hideout"

Bach's Tocata and Fuge in D Minor for the organ was the first CD I ever bought. This isn't the same version, but it is free.

Radiohead has released a silly little ditty. Enjoy.

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June 05, 2004


Have you ever been sitting around the lab and said to yourself, "I wish I could mix a few simple chemicals together to produce a fungus-like substance"? Well, you're all set.

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