September 29, 2004

What's Not To Love?

A story from Erin, my favorite Malcontent:

T's son has discovered that he has a penis, and she shared the story with us. Apparantly one day he walked into the living room, stark naked as children tend to be, pointing at his penis. "Mommy? What's this?"

"Well, son," she replied, "that's your penis."

He then grabbed hold of it, grinned, and said, "I loooove it."

This poor child is probably going to have this story told to every girl he brings home from school for the rest of his young life.

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Two Ringy Dingies

Here is some new motivation to reach out and touch someone.

[via flashcube, the actual soundfile is there too.]

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September 26, 2004


Mark your calendars, girls!

On Sunday, October 17, the Daily News will publish a special feature showcasing a new line of women’s designer clothing created by internationally known celebrity, model and actor Fabio. Under the distinctive label “Fabio,” this colorful new line of coats, sweaters and jackets will be introduced and carried exclusively at Sam’s Club beginning in October.

To celebrate Fabio is having a contest!!! Fabio is "looking for 3-5 females ranging in age from approximately 17 to 45 to model Fabio’s fashions" so I guess I am disqualified. Winners will get to have lunch with Fabio. I advise all potential Special Ladies out there to hold out for dinner and a movie, at the very least.

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September 10, 2004

World's Most Adorable Quadruped

What's blue and red, wears four shoes, and is the cutest thing you ever did see? You only need to download a 13 megabyte quicktime movie to find out!

Late Night Update: For your home movie fun I've just uploaded Destroy All Bubbles. And yes, it makes you a film nerd if you try to spot all the continuity errors.

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September 09, 2004

Life Lessons

One of the last times I saw my Grandfather I took him to the bank to take care of some business. Someone there had written the following on a chalkboard: Security isn't about what you have but learning what you can live without. If this is true (and I think it is) then today I am a very secure man.

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