February 28, 2005

Choo-Choos and Bugaboos

I was looking at cryptography expert Bruce Schneier's weblog today where he talked about a paper titled "High-Pressure Steam Engines and Computer Software. I guess in the 1800's when the steam engine was invented they tended to, well, explode. Given that modern software sometimes explodes (metaphorically speaking) they make the case that something might be learned from how the exploding choo-choo problem was solved. I link to it not because I have read it and think you should read it but because I intend to read it (at some point) and now it won't get lost among the hundreds of things I bookmarked because I intended to read them (at some point) but never seem to get around to because there is always something new to bookmark for later reading.

I have also discovered that there is a website named rent-a-monkey.com but ironically you can't rent actual monkeys from them.

Oooo! OOOOoooo!!! The Mermen have been posing as another band to trick me! Much downloadable goodness.

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February 07, 2005

Late Night Nerd Humor

At 2:48am the following exchange occurred on the freenet #lisp irc channel:

gone_b: how is 64 bytes a multiple of 8k?
mvilleneuve: it is, for sufficiently high values of 64

I just wonder if this will still seem funny in the morning. Probably not, but that's life.

The other night I dreamt I stole some donuts. I didn't really steal them per se since they were complementary, but I took more than I should have and felt guilty. They were very yummy and I didn't feel so guilty after eating them. Hopefully I can get to sleep tonight before sunrise. Maybe I will dream of hovercraft again.

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