July 23, 2005

Hot NASCAR Haters

New googlemaps application: HotOrNot + Google Maps. Which led me to the funniest HotOrNot profile I can recall:

Man I hate NASCAR. And while I'm at it, here's a quick open letter to the NASCAR community: quit writing poetry about Dale Earnhardt. Nobody cares. And no, it wasn't NASCAR's fault for not making the tracks wide enough; the wall won, get over it.
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Nerds In Space

You put some nerds in a zero-gravity environment and you know it's going to happen sooner or later: Water Balloons Experiments. Can actual zero-G water balloon fights be far behind?

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July 01, 2005

Double Secret Probation

Kenneth Tomlinson, the President of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, commissioned Fred Mann, a former GOP consultant and a retired employee of the National Journalism Center, to report on bias on PBS. Yesterday Sen. Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota released that report and today the LA Times said:

Radio host and former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock was listed as “anti-Bush” for saying the military was underpaid.

According to Mr Mann's logic if someone said members of the military were overpaid they would be Pro-Bush. Hmmm. Now that I think about it this makes sense given that the Bush administration tried to cut the pay of service members, so I guess it is a Pro-Bush position.

The Times said that Tomlinson...

[...] commissioned the report without informing the rest of the CPB board in order to learn more about the programming without alarming people in the system.

You know, kinda like Double Secret Probation.

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