October 21, 2005

Oooo, Neato

Lectures from Stanford thru iTunes. Lots of interesting stuff. Not sure why they didn't just make it so you downloaded m3 files from webpages I'm not sure, the Interface isn't perfect. Oh well, it is free. Also, if you're up for downloading a 28 megabyte file then be sure to click here. And click here too.

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October 02, 2005

Dream Analysis

I was in a bus crash. Everyone survived except the bus driver who had a heart attack which is why we crashed in the first place. We all went to his funneral and there I met the woman of my dreams. We felt an instant attraction and left the service together arms around each other. While going up the escalator there was a bellboy in front of us singing. He was a very good singer but I didn't recognize the song. He stopped at the landing between escalators while me and my girl had one more flight to go and she stepped onto the next escalator. I tried to ask him the name of the song, but there was a lot of noise and didn't understand what I was asking. I paused and asked again as other people stepped onto the escalator, not wanting to be seperated I stepped on and shouted over the crowd asking the name of the song. Finally understanding he shouted back, "Sexy or Fourty-Four". Looking for the woman I had just met I couldn't see her anymore, more people had gotten on between us than I had thought. Suddenly I fell through a hole in the escalator and now was in danger of being ground up like so much meat by the machinery. But I couldn't lose her so I quickly scrambled down to the bottom. Now I just had to get out from inside the escalator and find her but everytime I reached up the get out another step slid by and I had to pull my arms back. I shouted for her but I couldn't see her and she wasn't responding to my shouts so I yelled louder and louder, more frantic with each passing second.

Then I woke up. I realized I hadn't met my dream woman but I wasn't so sure about the song. So I got up from bed and went to the computer to see if I could find the song. Nope. No song, no girl, and, for the moment, no sleep.

But I did stumble across Gogol Bordello. I guess they're coming to town in October and for some odd 3am-inspired reason I've decided I must go see them. I can't get their song Start Wearing Purple out of my head. I am going to be singing for the next week at least.

Start wearin' purple, wearin' purple/Start wearin' purple for me now/All your sanity and wits/They will all vanish/I promise!/It's just a matter of time!
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