March 03, 2007

My Stupid Foot

When I walked into the Doctor's office nearly four weeks ago all I knew was my foot hurt. When I walked out I knew something else: I was diabetic. I also knew now my foor hurt because it was infected and I knew infections were bad news for diabetics. So I picked up my prescription for antibiotics and diabeties medicine and started taking them as directed.

Despite my best efforts the changes in diet weren't enough to get my blood sugar under control and the infection didn't respond to the oral meds. So I schedule another visit with the doctor (a new one actually) and after talking for five minutes he says, "I want you to go to the hospital."

So after a night of intervenous antibiotics the foot isn't responding as well to treatment as the doctor had hoped. He prescribes a week of in-home intervenous antibiotics and I'm glad because it sounds like it should clear up the problem without costing me $3000 a night. As we're wrapping up the conversation the subject of having an MRI done comes up. It's another $1000 and I'm not sure I need it and he can't say positively I need it but he's a little worried the night in the hospital hasn't helped more. So, I ask him, "If I had insurance would you order an MRI" and he says "Yes" and I say "Then let's do it."

It was a smart thing to do since apparently my complication has had a little complication. The doctor calls and tells me "Good news there aren't any abscesses" and as I tell him I'm glad to hear that my brain is thinking "Bad News?" Well, yes. The infection has spread to the bone so now I'm going to need 6 weeks of antibiotics instead of one, I need to spend one more night in the hospital, and there is a 20-30 percent chance I'll need surgery. I really, really, really hope it isn't going to come to that.

The good news is the weight loss is going well, and the blood sugar seems to finally coming under control with some new meds. Which hopefully means the antibiotics will be more effective now. Cross your fingers for me...

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