April 22, 2008

Audiophile is another word for Guliable

Case and Point.

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April 20, 2008

Fuck The NHL

I really love watching Hockey and I love watching the Sharks most of all. Sure they tend to get up by 2 or 3 games in the playoffs and then slack off because they only need to win 1 or 2 more games and then proceed to lose the series, but still I love them. Of course, because I don't live in San Jose anymore I hardly ever get to see them unless it's the play-offs. So I checked the NHL website and it tells me their game is on a 5pm on a cable channel I actually get. Woo! So I tune in at 5 and what do I see? Fucking cowboys on fucking bulls. The schedule on the cable box say I am watching the pre-game show for the Ducks game. So I check the newspaper and it says the game is on at 7pm on another station I think I get. Ten minutes of searching through 1000 channels only to discover the game is on yetanother channel that I don't get. Or I could pay the NHL $90 or whatever so I could watch it on their overpriced pay-per-view whatever network.

Now, theoretically, the NHL is run by very smart people. Here's a tip: The solution to lower ratings isn't to make it impossible for people who WANT to watch the game to actually watch the game.

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