September 02, 2009


I ran across this video of women getting bikini waxes that I had forgotten about. I think it's really rather cute ("Have you ever had this done before?"/"Once, by my boyfriend... by accident") but some people seem to considered it racy. You decide:

But the real reason I am posting this is because this next video came up as a "related video". If you love the yip-yips and can handle some gangsta rap worthy of a PMRC parental advisory then you get a good laugh out of it:

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September 01, 2009

Xmas shopping in July

It's been a busy and crazy summer. Three thousand miles of driving, living in a (legally) uninhabitable house, lawsuits, fireworks, heat waves, and Disneyland. But not much blogging. I'll be rectifying that now. In the meantime, I have stumbled across what I'm going to get my niece for Christmas: a companion cube t-shirt.

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